KakakAdek Confinement Therapist has introduced a concept that provides you not only caring and well-trained professionals, but also a mobile service for new mothers to regain energy and recover during the confinement period at their own homes.

Our core services include:

Our Herbal Refreshing Bath is the perfect gift for new mothers in the postpartum period. We get the purest natural herbs from local producers. Herbs bath can fully relax the body, stimulate blood flow and calm the emotions. Fresh herbs can also speed up the recovery of the mother’s body.

Postpartum body massage can be beneficial to new mothers. It is a wonderful practice to soothe your tired body. Our Traditional Body Massage is well known for its stress reduction and relaxation, and it also helps blood flow stimulation and pain relief.

Hot Stone Therapy is a natural therapy in which warmed stone will be wrapped in cloth before positioning in parts of your body. This treatment can help to melt away tension, burn fat, eases muscle stiffness and also bound to help with high-quality restorative sleep.

Throughout the whole period of pregnancy and giving birth, it can affect a woman’s entire well being. ‘Bengkung’, which is made from cotton and we tie up with the special method can help to flatten the stomach, recover your posture and ensure the bandage on your body does not open easily.

Our body slimming treatment can help you to tackle your fear – body shape changes after giving birth. We provide herbal medicines to improve blood circulation and medicated talcum paste param used for massaging or applied to the entire body, which help to get your body back to its pre-pregnancy shape.

Betawi Spa, also known as ‘Tangas’, is now offered in KakakAdek Confinement Therapist with both wet and dry treatments. The combination of traditional herbs works to nourish, heal and tone the vaginal and uterine tissue.

Our Packages:

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What they say about our services?

Mrs Shirley Joseph, Kuala Lumpur

Sangat berpuas hati dengan servis yang diberi oleh Kak Ila.

Mrs Maria Jacob, Kuala Lumpur

Good and will surely recommend to others. The Therapist is well trained and friendly.

Mrs Kimmy Lee, Kuala Lumpur

Kak Ila sangat ramah dan banyak membantu saya mengurangkan berat badan, Terima Kasih.

Mrs Devi Viknesvary, Subang Jaya

I am very satisfied with my sessions. Therapist Nadia was very friendly and made me feel very comfortable throughout the sessions. i felt refreshed and rejuvenated after each session. I would recommend them to anyone considering.

Mrs. Siti Sara, Shah Alam

Professional service from start to finish, would recommend.

Mrs Vifun Hooi, Kuala Lumpur

Very good massage & services.

Mrs Maryam Bt Rosmin, Kuala Lumpur

Badan menjadi lebih bertenaga dan kuat. Perut cepat kempis. Urutan yang sangat baik. Staff yang peramah dan baik.

Mrs Eva, Shah Alam

Information yang diberikan oleh kak Eni dan servis Nadiah amat memuaskan. Saya akan recommend servis anda kepada kawan-kawan saya.

How to booking our services?

  • STEP 1 : Contact Us

    You may contact us, as below :

    1. Cik Eni –  +6017-675 9218 (click to Whatsapp), or

    2. Customer Service – +6010-357 1080 (click to Whatsapp), or

    3. Fill up the form below, we will contact you as soon as possible, or

    4. Message us at Facebook – Kakakadek Confinement Therapist , or

    5. DM us at Instagram – kakakadek_confinement

    Mommy is advised to make a reservation at least 1 to 2 months in advance of the expected date of delivery.

  • STEP 2 : Deposit

    Mommy needs to pay a deposit of 30% of the price of the selected package includes transportation charges (if any) for a reservation. Deposit payment can be made via Internet Banking or Bank transfer.

    Deposit is a guarantee that the two sides did not make any cancellation.

    Account number will be provided in Whatsapp.

    Note: The payment slip should be sent to us via WhatsApp for confirmation of payment.

    Please inform us once you have already made the payment. Don’t forget to make sure that you have received an invoice for the payment made via e-mail.

    Now, Mommy just rest back and wait for little ones to born.

  • STEP 3 : Contact Us After Birth

    Congratulations! Mommy gave birth to cute baby. You need to contact us preferably on the first day or two after birth for treatment scheduling.

    Normally, the treatment for normal delivery starts on day 3 or day 4 childbirth. While for a c-section delivery  starts at week 2 or week 3 depending on the person.

  • STEP 4 : Balance Payment

    The remaining amount of payment is stated in the invoice that we email to Mommy previously. Payment must be made upon the completion of the first session of treatment.

    CASH payment is allowed for those who are having difficulties to do on-line transaction.

    Once full payment is made, make sure you receive a receipt via email.

    Confinement Therapist KakakAdek thank you for trusting us to treat you during your confinement treatment sessions.

*** The deposit will not be refunded upon mommy cancel the reservation. If we were to cancel, the deposit will be refunded.

Drop us your details, we will contact you!