Bengkung Bodycare

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Shrink and tighten your belly with the Bengkung Bodycare. This post-partum girdle will aid speedy recovery and will make you feel confident as your body begin to return to your pre-pregnancy shape. For best results, apply Biotrim Lotion all over the belly before putting on the Bengkung Bodycare.

Kembali langsing dengan Bengkung Bodycare. Bengkung ini berkesan dalam mengembalikan bentuk badan yang menarik selepas bersalin. Untuk mendapatkan kesan pelangsingan yang lebih efektif, sapukan Biotrim Lotion di bahagian perut sebelum memakai Bengkung Bodycare.

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  • Double-layered and adjustable (up to 4 sizes)

  • Made from natural fibres, hypoallergenic, cooling and breathable, can be worn all-day long without any discomfort

  • Easy to wear, adjust and remove, no additional assistance required

Keistimewaan Bengkung Bodycare

  • Dijahit 2 lapis mengikut ukuran 4 saiz

  • Kainnya tidak gatal, tidak panas dan menyerap peluhMudah

  • Mudah dipakai sendiri

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