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Testimoni Pelanggan Pakej Berpantang

Sangat bagus.

Amethyst, Cheras
Pakej 14 hari

She was very friendly and she gave a lot of tips on health “pantang” during confinement. Her massage was extremely nice and she always listened to my problem areas.

Mrs Jasvin, Segambut
Pakej 14 hari

Menepati cara berpantang tradisional, therapist yang peramah, banyak membantu dari segi penjagaan luaran dan dalaman sewaktu tempoh berpantang. Sangat fleksibel dari segi masa. In Shaa Allah akan menjadi pilihan saya pada masa berpantang yang akan datang.

Mrs Siti Norhafiza, Rawang
Pakej 14 hari

I like the massage a lot and especially the traditional bengkung helps shrink my tummy a lot. No kidding in just 10 massages, i can see the results.

Mrs Yong Sok Fen, Shah Alam
Pakej 10 hari

I gave birth to a baby boy in December 2014. I signed up for a 10-day package with Kakakadek Confinement Therapist. As I had gone through a c-section, I could only begin my massage after 2 weeks of delivery.

My therapist Elina was professional and know exactly where my pain was. Each session I had, loosened up my muscles, released a lot of wind and water had retained in me and I was always left feeling rejuvenated.

I had lost 5 kg after my 10th session. I would recommend this package to all mums out there”.

Mrs Brenda, Mont Kiara
Pakej 10 hari

Servis terbaik. Urutan yang sangat membantu mencergaskan badan yang lemah.

Seri Norlaili, Cheras
Pakej 10 hari

The massage was very comfortable and it manage to relieve the stress, wind and strain from my body. Eni was also friendly and nice. Thanks Kakakadek.

Mrs Florence, Puchong
Pakej 10 hari

Very excellent service and satisfied. Eni seorang yang sangat peramah, suka berkongsi cerita mengenai perubatan. Sangat tidak membosankan dan saya harap servis ini akan berjaya pada masa akan datang.

Mrs Nuraishah, Cheras
Pakej 10 hari

Servis urut Kakakadek sungguh memuaskan hati. Terima kasih saya ucapkan pada Eni untuk massage therapy yang sungguh baik. Badan saya rasa amat lega and harap dapat peluang lagi untuk merasai urutan and servis Kakakadek. Thank you.

Mrs Amrit, Kajang
Pakej 10 hari

Excellent package, good value for money. I feel that my body has recovered much more quickly than expected. The therapist is very professional, courteous and very good at her massaging.

Mrs Eva, Ara Damansara
Pakej 10 hari

Massage is good and the bengkung is very effective. Overall value for the price. Surely will recommend Kakakadek Confinement Therapist to any my friends who is delivering soon.

Mrs Jaclyn, Kajang
Pakej 10 hari

Ita is very professional and gives convenient massages. I will definitely use KakakAdek Confinement Therapist again.

Mrs Sugee, Kuala Lumpur
Pakej 10 hari

Good service. Complete package and a lot of information shard regarding confinement. Happy with the service and would recommend to others as well.

Mrs Laleetah, Ampang
Pakej 10 hari

I am truly happy and satisfied by taking this confinement package. I signed up for the 10 days package and I lost of weight and started to feel fresh and active. Eni is very friendly and easy to talk to. I would definitely recommend this package to everyone as you will definitely see the result!

Mrs Mahaletchumi, Cheras
Pakej 10 hari

Thanks to Elina. Good service. I love the massage and tungku session. It did help me to feel better during confinement.

Mrs Alisa, Bukit Antarabangsa
Pakej 10 hari

Recommended to all women out there. They are professional and friendly. Their service are good. I could see a lot of differences after their service. Thumbs up!.

Mrs Sarojadevi, Puchong
Pakej 10 hari

Very nice and very comfortable during the whole treatment. Can see result very fast slim down if compare with after i give born my first baby. Now i can wear back the cloth before pregnant. The main point is Eni damn friendly and i really enjoy in this 7 days treatment. Thank a lot.

Mrs Lee Wei Pern, Puchong
Pakej 7 hari

Alhamdulillah, sangat puas hati. Recommended. Next delivery boleh ambil lagi.

Mrs Rosniazura, Sri Kembangan
Pakej 7 hari

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